turn off debug in VMWare 6.5beta (windows)

I’m playing with VMWare workstation 6.5beta(build-91182) and was looking to do some advanced configurations, specifically running ESX 3.5U1 , therefore i was interested in maximum performance to squeak out as much out of my laptop….

A couple things i found out really quick 1) set the Virtualization setting in your systems BIOS if you have one. My core duo did , my centrino did not. This speeded things up considerably, i’d say by a factor of 10.

2) The VMWare workstation process wants to run VM’s with the vmware-vmx-debug binary, and it indicates that you must live with this. Upon closer inspection in the application directory (C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation) I found vmware-vmx and its about 2MB smaller binary. So what I did was rename vmware-vmx-debug to vmware-vmx-debug-orig and then copy vmware-vmx to vmware-vmx-debug.

Bron: jthomasser.wordpress.com


5 thoughts on “turn off debug in VMWare 6.5beta (windows)

  1. Anyone figured out how to turn the debugging of in the latest beta build-99530?

  2. I thought it worked the same way, I’m currently using it configured like this

  3. The debug issue doesn’t apply for Workstation 6.5 in Linux, correct? If so, how to disable it? TIA

  4. I think you can use the same trick if needed, but i don’t think the debug version is running in the RTM version.

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